The Basics

With my food allergies I often get asked what I CAN eat. My standard answer is meat and vegetables, those make up our staples.  For the average person they aren’t really wanting to know about the nut flours we use instead of wheat, or how we use ghee or coconut oil instead of butter. They just want to be assured that we can eat a somewhat “normal” diet and not starve so that answer suffices.  For many people who are just starting out in the kitchen learning to cook for themselves it can be overwhelming.  Some are newly diagnosed with one or more food intolerances and others just want to break their reliance on processed store bought food.  This series of basic recipes is for them.  These are the my go-to, every day foods that make up the backbone of my meal plans.  Spices and seasonings on them can be changed and played with to add variety and they can often be used in making more complex dishes.  I’ll add more as I expand my own repertoire.  Cooking is a combination adventure, mad science experiment, and art form.  Once you have some basics under your belt you’ll be able to explore on your own.  Have fun with it!

How to Make Chicken Broth

cooked squash



How to cook a pumpkin or squash



How To Cook Quinoa




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