Staying Informed

This collection of posts is all about getting information out.  It includes articles on the organics, research on specific foods or health issues, and my responses to trending articles. Feel free to look around and leave comments.

3 Major Problems with Thyroid Testing



Inflammation: What it is and What it does to You


inflammation causes and solutions


Inflammation: Causes and Solutions


Why to Eat your Greens

organic label 2

Why eat Organic?

Why I choose organic over conventional foods


Genetic Roulette Movie Review: The movie that opened my eyes to the dangers of Genetically modified foods.


Non-Dairy Calcium Sources

I can’t have milk products, but I can eat these foods to get calcium in my diet


The Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen:  Which produce items have the most pesticides?



Avocado: The Super-est Super Food

The more I found out about the avocado the more I loved it.  This article explains why.


Response to Eggs and Cigarettes Study: Here I refute the bad science in a study that claims eating eggs is as bad for you as smoking cigarettes.



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