Snowball Your Way to Healthy Living

snowballIf you are here you probably already want to start living healthier. There are so many different aspects that it can become overwhelming; avoid this, do that, don’t forget to watch out for the other thing. Because of that its easy to give up before you start, deciding that it’s just too hard.  When that temptation hits, try this method.

The popular financial guru Dave Ramsey has the snowball plan for debts. You pay off the smallest first and then use that momentum to move your way up the list.  We could also apply this method to changing our lifestyle.  Instead of trying to fix everything at once, pick one small thing and set short term goals.  For example, if you need to stop drinking soda pop you could start by saying that today you will replace one coke with, say, sparkling water. Or if you want to be more active take the stairs or walk in place for one set of commercials. The point is making it easily achievable.

You can then use this accomplishment to combat any negative thoughts.  So tomorrow if you are feeling down on yourself and about to enter that paralyzing cycle of self-recrimination, remind yourself that you can get, and already are, healthier. Use that momentum to keep reaching that goal. It will eventually become second nature.  When that happens set another small goal on the same topic. Back to the pop example, you could replace another coke a day with a healthy alternative.  Keep repeating this process and you will have quit drinking pop.

There is just so much information out there on what is hurting your health it is easy to get lost in it. Especially since people have differing opinions. Because of this its hard to translate that into your daily life. Starting small and staying strong will make it possible.




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