Crock Pot Beef With Cabbage And Carrots


Once upon the time there was a beautiful queen (wife) who needed to make sure her townspeople (husband) had enough food to get them through the cold winter (lunch for work). All that were left of the live stock were some skinny old cows (only thing thawed was a round steak), but she was wary of her usual preparations. So she went down to the castle’s larder (opened the fridge) and saw a cabbage and some carrots patiently waiting to be used. The following parchment lays out what her clever mind created  (This is all I could come up with). The peasants rejoiced at the ingenuity of their queen (My husband was pleased).

All fanciful attempts at storytelling aside, this is a simple slow cooker meal. It was also pretty tasty. The contrast with the cabbage brought out the sweetness of the carrots. And my husband always loves “something different”.

Crock Pot Beef with Cabbage and Carrots

1 ½ -2 lbs round steak
1 medium  cabbage
8 carrots
2 cups water
salt and pepper to taste

Cut the cabbage in half and remove the hard heart. Slice it into 1/2 inch ribbons. Cut the carrots in half and then slice lengthwise so you end up with thin sticks. Add your meat, vegetables, seasoning and water to your slow cooker. Cook on low for 8 hours. Distribute to your peasants…. err, I mean, enjoy for lunch the next day!



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