Non-dairy Calcium Sources

qeFMYJ1365273151When you tell people you’re on a dairy free diet a common question comes up. “But where do you get calcium?” We all know how important calcium is for our bone health, so that is a good thing to ask. Luckily calcium can be found in a lot of other foods. Dark leafy greens like collards and kale are a good choice. Any green vegetable will have magnesium which is needed for our bodies to be able to use calcium properly. The leafy greens also have vitamin D, which as many know, is needed for the absorption of calcium. Therefore, they are my first choice. Other calcium sources include nuts, sesame seeds, black-eyed peas, oranges, etc. Below is a list of foods and the amount of calcium they contain in mg per cup. It would be a good idea to take calcium supplements for what your diet is lacking. The recommended amount for adults is 1,00-1,300 mg a day. For comparison, milk contains 300 mg a cup.


cooked turnip greens 450
Collard Greens 357
cooked bok choy 330
cooked collards 300
cooked kale 200
broccoli (cooked) 198
cooked mustard greens 180
dandelion greens 150
Swiss chard 102
Chinese Cabbage 74

dried savory 85 (per tbs)
celery seed 124 (per tbs)
dried thyme 57 (per tbs)
dried dill 53 (per tbs)
fresh parsley 200

Rhubarb, cooked 348
Dried Figs 107 (in 8 whole fruit)
Oranges 72

navy beans 140
pinto beans 100
garbanzo beans 95

tapioca (dried) 300
quinoa, cooked 80
corn meal, whole grain 50

sesame seeds 2,100
almonds 750
hazelnuts (filbert) 450
Flax seed 428
walnuts 280
sunflower seeds 260

Sea Vegetables
wakame 3,500
kombu 2,100
nori 1,200
agar-agar 1,000

Sea Food
sardines with bones 1,000
mackerel with bones 600
salmon with bones 490
shrimp 300
raw oysters 240

hummus 132 (average, varies with recipe)
Blackstrap molasses 172 (per tbs)



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